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The Straits Times - Life! , 31 Oct 2020

Need Office Chair Tips? Due to Covid-19, most people are spending increased number of hours seated at home for work etc. Hence this article comes in timely as I did some research on office chairs prior to the pandemic.

Thanks to those who made this article possible in @straits_times - Life (published on 31 Oct 2020), including my husband who has helped took this photo.

Currently, I am using the @secretlab chair. I needed the swivel legs, and enjoyed the soft fabric, shoulder-high and neck backrest, lumbar cushion and sufficient thigh support from the tilted seat angle. These are the few key considerations to look out for to choose what is suitable for you. Feel free to approach me if you need any tips, as I would be glad to help.

I have used other office chairs from other brands with comfy seat, mesh backrest that is good for ventilation and sliding seat option as well.

For other classic designer chairs recommended by other designers, you can check out the link at

(FYI: No commissions involved for mentioning any names)

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