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Design Philosophy

The firm believes in crafting designs that are tailor made to each individual client and project. With passion and diversified interests in various artistic media, we are keen to explore and discover new ideologies and concepts that are befitting to the environment, the space, and the lifestyle of the client. We pursue the resonance between the user and space with appropriate balance of elements, scale, proportion and composition in our designs.

Being user-centric, we strongly believe in having long term relationships with our clients, taking the journey together and looking after each project from the beginning to completion. Whether we are creating a dream home, retail experience, workplace and commercial environment or community space, we want to inspire creativity and sense of belonging; to bring people and space together, and to ignite sensory experience, memories and emotions. It is the relationship between people and space/artwork that brings meaning in our work as architects, designers and artists.

About the Principal

JulianaChan.CHAN.SY Architects.jpg

Juliana Chan

(M.Arch, BOA registered)

Founded NS Chan Studio and Chan.SY Architects to provide clients a multi-disciplinary services that ranges from architectural, interior design, fine art and graphics illustration.

Ar. Juliana Chan is a registered architect (QP) under Board of Architects Singapore,  a Professional member in Singapore Interior Design Society (SIDS) and vice president of Artists Society of Singapore. She is graduated from National University of Singapore with both Master degree in Architecture and University Scholar's Programme (USP). She has also completed the Green Mark Manager Course in 2019.


Being both an Architect and Artist, and more than 14 years of architectural design practice, Juliana embarked on her journey to explore her forte to weave art and architecture together. She is also open to collaborate with other companies / like-minded creatives to explore design solutions.


To date, she has been actively participating in various local art exhibitions and several international competitions, of which some were selected and featured, such as in "Stroke of Genius“ and “Jackson’s Open Painting Prize”. She is under the tutelage of contemporary art master, Ren Jianhui since 2010. Mr. Ren is a disciple of the renowned late Master Wu Guan Zhong whose works are permanently exhibited in National Gallery Singapore.

Background & Qualifications:

  • Registered Architect (QP) under Board of Architects Singapore.

  • Associate member of SIDS, Society of Interior Designers (Singapore).

  • Vice President of Artists Society of Singapore (ASOS)

  • Featured in Singapore's Business Times and The Peak Magazine.

  • Master degree in Architecture and University Scholars Programme from National University of Singapore (NUS).

  • Previously Associate for DP Architects Pte Ltd, Designer for ACG Design Studio, Internship under K2LD Architects Pte Ltd

  • High distinction in Art Elective Programme (AEP) from Nanyang Girls High School (NYGH) Singapore

Milestone Projects with DP Architects:

  • Shangri-La Mixed Use development (Office and Shopping Mall) in Sri Lanka

  • Shaw House Lido Cinema and Shaw Centre Major A&A works in Orchard Road, Singapore.

  • Trevose Cresent Bungalow, Singapore (featured in Singapore Tatler)


"Being both an Architect and Artist is something that defines me uniquely as a creative person. 


Playing both roles has been a challenging and yet exciting journey. Art encourages expressive creativity to present ideas in individualistic style. On the other hand, Architecture factors in considerations from research and logical influences before materialising into something creative and beneficial to users, society and environment.

Despite the mentioned differences, I find both Art and Architecture support and complement each other. They share similar design philosophy to achieve resonance in beauty, order and challenge our emotions. The boundaries between them can be blurred while not forgetting the spirit of craftsmanship and values we hold.

I strive to create the "experience" so as to bring the sense of belonging of one with the space; to create either a pause in time or a breathing space for one to think and to takeaway the experience.

I believe the sense of belonging is very important. The serenity it gives signified the beauty of being alive."

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