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A major retrofit that reconfigured the 3-bedroom unit into 5 bedrooms to house a relatively large family.

Milestone Projects with ACG Design Studio (Ang Cheng Guan Construction Pte Ltd)

8 ST THOMAS CONDOMINIUM UNIT  | Renovation / A&A, 2020

Completion targeting July 2020. Another project done under the subsidiary ACG Design Studio of ACG Construction Pte Ltd.

Minor A&A and carpentry additions to the new 2-bedroom condo unit to create a simple yet premium look. Despite the small floor area, the choice of colours and design ergonomics are carefully thought through to prevent clutter of space so as to feel decently spacious for the newly wed couple.


Renders by Juliana Chan (author).

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Completed in Jan 2020. Another project done under the subsidiary ACG Design Studio of ACG Construction Pte Ltd. Our team was awarded this project with the given design brief to tidy up and conceal electrical components and to give a face lift to the school hall with new mural art to replace the old.

The existing site conditions posed various challenges to integrate all the existing components such as the large posters, air condition units, fans and electrical trunking. A bold decision was made to build up a 8m high wall partition for the front elevation to make a large artwork feature. Other partitions had to work around the existing air-condition units and signages. Due to budget constraints, we creatively “choreographed” the digital artwork with the rest of the wall painting and die-cut stickers to achieve a seamless and "continuous" landscape effect throughout the hall.


We transformed the typical hard-scape of the school hall into a greener and "softer" landscape that embraces the central hall where most students assemble and enjoy their activities - to be one with nature.

Photograph by Juliana Chan (author).
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As part of the subsidiary ACG Design Studio under ACG Construction Pte Ltd, our team was awarded this design and build project to renovate the existing library to make it more modern, lively and engaging for the students .
Most of our works involved cabinetry design and assisted in choice of colours and materials with the other suppliers to achieve coherent design theme for the library. The design brief given from the school reflects clarity in their vision and requirements, which is to create pockets of spaces to double up the library as a collaborative discussion and workshop area. The existing layout that was packed with bookshelves and tables no longer serve as conducive and engaging environment for interactive learning.
We worked together with the school to enhance the design while keeping budget in check. Bookshelves are integrated with "cubby" reading spaces, while curved cabinetry complements the shelving design to soften the interior. Where possible, cabinetry are installed with wheels to allow flexible configurations to suit various events. A mini amphi-theatre serves as a multi-purpose space for students to do reading, performance as well as for teachers to do screening during workshops and tutorials.
Photograph by Juliana Chan (author).
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ACG DESIGN STUDIO OFFICES 1 & 2 | Renovation / A&A of Office Units, 2019
Starting this year, a new design subsidiary ACG Design Studio is added to ACG Construction Pte Ltd under the new management to become a Design & Build Company.
As part of their design team, I was tasked to do up renovations to their 2 new office units in Guthrie House.
Office 1 was completed in March 2019, and Office 2 was completed in August 2019.
Photograph by Juliana Chan (author).
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Personal Projects

A&S HOUSE | Renovation / A&A of HDB flat, 2019
The couple preferred light pastel palette with pastel blue & green as accent colours under guidance of Fengshui calculations. They are both keen in bright and minimalist style with largely white and wood colours. The main design concept aims to create continuous flow of circulation, ventilation and visibility between the dining and living space, and the kitchen. It makes the flat more spacious and allows flexible use of space in future. Cabinetry design is done with consideration for child safety, such that there are no sharp corners along circulation and no protruding elements such as door handles.

Design process was engaged with owner intensively to work within budget and to cater to the difference of height between the couple. Aside to wet works, most of the cabinetry are focused on living, dining and kitchen areas. 

The challenge was to work around existing conditions given that some areas had uneven surfaces or with significant slanted walls and beams. It is a combined effort from owner, contractor and designer to find acceptable solutions to achieve original design intent as much as possible.

No styling involved. Loose furniture by Owner.
G&Y HOUSE | Renovation / A&A of HDB flat, 2017
The couple (owner) preferred minimalist style with mostly black and white colours.   A suitable blue selected as the accent colour while light maple wood texture in the main hall and rooms to give a warmer touch.

They preferred darker palette for toilet with maintenance as one of the reasons. Hence a more industrial or rustic look was proposed.

The challenge was the unforeseen structural discrepancies after the existing finishes and cabinetry were removed from walls and ceiling. We worked closely with owner and contractor to make design adjustment and also to integrate the new air-condition pipe routing.

Design include cabinetry works. No styling involved. Loose furniture by Owner.
E&J HOUSE | Renovation, 2013
Personal flat unit, designed for myself and spouse with modern Industrial as the theme. A cafe-like environment with integration of a mini gallery to showcase my own artwork/paintings.
With budget in mind and that the new EC flat is already mostly provided for, the ID design consists mostly cabinetry works for living room and study room. All cabinetry works are personally designed and detailed.