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Interior Retrofit (Awards: SIDA 2022 Residential 50-100sqm)




Studio 0

Retrofit to an existing 1+study bedroom condominium unit located at Skyline Concourse.

The design brief from the client is unique and challenging to create a total opposite vibe from the existing sleek condition that is felt too "clean" akin to hotel-stay. A more "countryside" or impromptu design is preferred as a more homely and cosy environment.

Existing ceiling, switches, electrical ducting and toilet piping are either removed or left exposed to show the raw original state as honest expression. The design expression respects the natural state of the unit, unlike our usual tendency to conceal, to hide, and to look neat. Not only it reveals the inner beauty to give the unit its own character, but also reveal their own story to tell - from markings of nuts and screws from engineers, workers or technicians during construction, unknown or extra holes that were either made by mistakes or made for future provisions. The design concept changes along with discoveries of site conditions; adapting into interesting features as part of the integrated design.

When completed, the final style might seem an eclectic combination of Wabi-Sabi, brutalist and industrial. It is never the style that matters but more importantly how it has become a successful "canvas" to bring out the character of owners' lifestyle - both eclectic and minimalist. Strange combination but "harmonious" is probably the best word to describe. A fulfilling project that surprises and challenges us along the way from the start of designing to the end.

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